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The game is based on the following principle: using short-term memory, peripheral vision and raised attention is to find an item that has just appeared among the others. It seems very easy at the beginning of each level, when there are not so many items. But after several items you start wondering, what has been added: Was this pencil here before or not? Or maybe it was a eraser??

Advance Your Memory
Train Your Memory
Improve Your Memory
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13 levels on various themes are available in the game. There are levels that will catch fancy of kids. For example the level with sweets or with the New Year's gifts. Some levels, like chess or the map of the USA can puzzle an adult, making one turn to them again and again till they are solved.
Unlocking of the next level is not easy. First you have to qualify at the previous level, gaining the required score, which grows from level to level. But those are not all the challenges players can face. At some levels the location of the items is constantly changing.

Game Center and scoring:

There is a Game Center support, so you can challenge with your friends. Scoring is conducted by summing up the best results at all levels and for each game 0.001 is added. So, the result of 270.746 means that 746 games have been played and the sum of the best results is 270.
In the upper left screen corner the best score for all time is situated. By keeping track of it now and then it is possible to follow the progress of memory training.

Why to try Advance Your Memory?

Even a few tries a day can help you to considerably improve your results. Soon you will notice that it’s enough to take a brief glance at a room to find out where your TV remote control or mobile phone are hiding.

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- Love it!
- Really tests your memory, my young granddaughter loves it. - It has help my memory to improve.
- A good way to help your memory and keep things sharp. Family friendly.
- I agree with the verdict of fun!
- Good memory exercise!