Bubble Annihilator

Bubble Annihilator - the game for everyone: for childs and for their parents! The game helps to develop attention, reaction and mind. If you appreciate games like Bejeweled, Tetris, Lines Removem - you will love iNvasion game!

Game objective is to clear game field from the color vortexes, shooting to 3 or more connected balls to destroy it.


- Easy and addictive game play
- Appropriate for all ages
- 120 attractive levels
- 11 special items
- Hours of fun :)

Sounds easy? Try it yourself!

Video review by CrazyMikesApps

What our players say:

Kasmine Holton:
This game is fun and totally addicting!!

The Carlos Fuentes:
Really enjoy this game - the time pressure is just right for me and the power-ups are excellent. It does require an in game purchase of 0.99 to go from 40 levels to 120 but that's still a good value.

Apostle Andr'e:
Great and awesome game very entertaining just dont like to keep paying for stuff

Julie Donohue:
Love the game very addictive. Lots of late night fun. Please add more levels!

Master Rateing:
Great fun! Can't stop playing.

David Bane:
Love the game very addicting. Great graphics too!